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28 Dec 2012 8:06 PM  by Sanjay Choudhry in  Hatchbacks ,

According to the speculations, Honda is going to launch the diesel version of brio by the end 2012. Honda knows that in India there is a demand for automatic cars. They believe that the customers in India are waiting to get an automatic car with necessary convenience. Maruti has temporarily stopped its production from Manesar and now main competition will be from the automatic car from Hyundai.The Honda Brio in the international market comes with CVT auto gear box. This gives smoothness and responsiveness to the vehicle. Usually the automatic gear box will reduce the power and fuel efficiency of the vehicle but the CVT auto gear box do not reduce the power and the fuel efficiency of the vehicle is not much affected. Actually the CVT gear box improves the driving quality of Brio. This is a good option for city roads and has considerable cabin space which makes it suitable also for long drive. The design of the small car is made for the Indian market and Honda expects that the powerful engine and fuel efficiency of this vehicle will help it to capture the Indian market once it reaches here. This will be the best option for a daily commuter in India who needs an automatic car to make the ride in the city more enjoyable. Honda wants to keep the price competitive and it is expected that the price will be at least Rs50, 000 more than the manual Brio. That means the vehicle will be priced between 6-8 lakhs.

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